Bloom Innocent - Horizontalism Sessions Limited Edition LP

Bloom Innocent - Horizontalism Sessions Limited Edition LP

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Bloom Innocent - Horizontalism Sessions Limited Edition LP

"Bloom Innocent (Horizontalism Sessions)", previously only released digitally, are here presented for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 49 lathe cut copies, hand cut by "Lathe To The Grave", numbered, signed, and with original artwork from Iranian artist Samira Hodaie, which we then painstakingly hand screen-printed in Berlin.

I love the idea of taking the parts from my records and creating a new atmosphere out of them - a new moment for them to exist in. Bloom Innocent was a vast record and although it sounds very intimate and close it is actually packed to the brim with sessions, strings, horns, guitars - so so much delivered by so many musicians - so this horizontalism session gave me a chance to sweep, essentially, me as a singer out of the way, to move the song aside, go back to the pre-produced stems which are basically there to support the song - and to let the musicality of these combinations have a moment in the light..."


A1) My Love's Already There
A2) Rocking Chair
A3) I Just Wanna Yes
A4) That's How I See You Now

B1) Out Loud
B2) Once You Get A Taste
B3) Bloom Innocent
B4) We Watch The Stars