Bloom Innocent (Acoustic) Limited Edition LP

Bloom Innocent (Acoustic) Limited Edition LP

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Bloom Innocent (Acoustic) Limited Edition LP

"Bloom Innocent - (Acoustic)", previously only released digitally, are here presented for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 49 lathe cut copies, hand cut by "Lathe To The Grave", numbered, signed, and painstakingly hand screen-printed in Berlin.

After recording the Bloom Innocent record we piled into the JRS studio in Berlin to belt out the record live and on our acoustics - we wanted to let a record which was heavily produced and expansive have a moment to stand up on its merits as basically a collection of songs played by three musicians live... to remind ourselves that that is what Fink is actually all about..."


A1) Bloom Innocent Acoustic
A2) We Watch The Stars (Berlin Session)
A3) Once You Get A Taste - Acoustic
A4) Out Loud

B1) That's How I See You Now
B2) I Just Want A Yes - Acoustic
B3) Rocking Chair
B4) My Love's Already There - Acoustic